10 Mar 2020
Marcopolo strengthens presence in renewed Curitiba transport system
Foto: Júlio Soares

Marcopolo strengthens its presence in Paraná and delivers 199 new buses to the Integrated Public Transport Network in Curitiba. The lot consists of Torino model units, with rear and front engines, Torino Express (articulated) and Viale BRT bi-articulated, configured for operation in different line categories, divided into Express Corridors, Direct Line Integration, Inter-neighborhood Integration and Feeder Integration. The vehicles, which together have the capacity to transport more than 17 thousand passengers, meet the necessary safety and environmental standards established by Urbanização de Curitiba S.A. (URBS), the company responsible for managing the city’s transportation system.

According to Rodrigo Pikussa, director of Marcopolo’s Bus Business, the long and close partnership with companies in Curitiba and URBS has been further strengthened since the manufacturer installed, its own branch in the state last year in July. “Aligned with our strategy and positioning, we are closer to our customers to follow the modernization and innovations made in the Curitiba system and to better meet mobility demands”, the executive analyzes. “With the opening of the branch, we were able to improve excellence in the sale of bodies and service, with quick service and the delivery of genuine parts”, he adds.

For Alexandre Cervelin, commercial manager of the Paraná branch, the fact that Marcopolo supplies most of the new buses demonstrates the company’s commitment and its continuous search for customer satisfaction, in addition to the recognition of important attributes of Marcopolo products. “For us, meeting the needs of operators in Curitiba is a reason for satisfaction, as it demonstrates confidence in the quality, technology and performance of our buses”, he highlights.

Marcopolo was the first bus frame manufacturer to participate and provide different models for the pioneering urban transport system in the BRT model in the city of Curitiba in the 1970s. Currently, the Curitiba system consists of approximately 1,250 buses that transport 1.23 million passengers per day. The lines make an average of 14.1 thousand trips per day and cover more than 273 thousand kilometers. The system currently has 254 urban lines operated by three consortia.




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