09 Mar 2020
Marcopolo will supply 240 new buses to Chile

Marcopolo, in partnership with Mercedes-Benz, will supply 240 new buses to Metbus and STP operators as of May, members of the urban public transport system in the city of Santiago, Red Mobilidad, which also includes Redbus, Express, Vule and Subus companies. All units are of the Torino Low Entry Articulated model, with MBB 0500 UA Euro 6 chassis and reinforce the leadership that the brand has in the Chilean transport system.
For José Luis Moraes Goes, Marcopolo’s Executive Manager of International Business, the supply expands the company’s presence in one of the most structured mobility systems in the world and contributes to the improvement of Santiago’s public transport system. “Since the end of 2018, around 800 units alone have been sent to Chile. The total fleet of the system has 6,600 cars, 1,600 of which have Marcopolo frames”, the executive highlights.
With 18,600mm in length, capacity for 152 passengers and low floor, the vehicles have a Valeo CC640 air conditioning system, USB ports, a separate new version of the driver´s cab, to ensure even more safety during operation, sealed windows and Upholstered City model seats, providing more comfort for users.
To guarantee total accessibility, the buses have an access ramp to the hall and the most modern electronic equipment available, such as communication and audio and video systems, GPS setup, internal video monitor set up in the passenger hall and speakers.
Torino Low Entry Articulated vehicles incorporate Euro 6 technology, the most advanced for reducing pollutant emissions in diesel engines, with 66% less Particulate Matter and 80% less NOx than current vehicles in operation.




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