10 Mar 2020
Marcopolo launches new advertising campaign

Highlighting competitive and unique features considered relevant by customers, partners and public transport users, is Marcopolo’s 2020 advertising campaign objective that has a commercial focus and the Always Here motto. The attributes were defined based on research carried out by Marcopolo to guarantee and offer even more accessibility, application versatility, comfort, safety and innovation, which generate less environmental impact, more efficiency and sustainability for society and for its customers’ business.

Rodrigo Pikussa, director of the company’s Bus Business, explains that the campaign’s concept is to recover Marcopolo’s presence in people’s lives through an increasingly stronger and closer relationship. “When we talk about Always Here, we want to reinforce our work to create innovative solutions, a wide product mix and always being close to our customers, with an ample sales network and after-sales service,” he says.

The campaign will also show that the manufacturer is aware of the constant changes that have been occurring more and more rapidly in society. For passengers and the general public, the concept of Always Here will be linked to the user’s experience with the brand. “The way of relating and seeing the bus and public transport has been changing rapidly. The ‘new’ customer understands their role and the close connection that the bus has with mobility, quality of life and well-being”, the executive emphasizes.

The Always Here campaign will be shown on social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and WhastApp, as well as on some of the main communication channels and vehicles, such as specialized magazines, newspapers and portals, among others.

Go to the campaign page: http://bit.ly/38HUMkM


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