31 Aug 2021
Meet the first CNG-powered bus for charter developed by Marcopolo and Scania

Meet the first CNG-powered bus for charter developed by Marcopolo and Scania

A partnership shaped by three hands. Marcopolo and Scania developed the first bus powered by CNG and/or biomethane for charter applications in Brazil. The Marcopolo Paradiso 1050 vehicle will be operated by Turis Silva, the largest continuous charter company in Rio Grande do Sul.

The road bus has a K320 4×2 chassis and provides savings compared to a conventional diesel vehicle. In addition, it has different solutions from the Marcopolo BioSafe platform, such as UV-C lamps for disinfecting environments.

The new bus will transport employees from Gerdau’s special steel plant, located in Charqueadas (RS), within the first four months of 2021.

A partnership that will go down in history
Scania, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of heavy trucks, buses and industrial and marine engines in the world, had the objective of introducing a CNG-powered bus to the Brazilian market. Before that, regular line vehicles did not run on this alternative fuel.

Marcopolo was chosen for this ambitious idea due to its modern, technological and safe bodywork. These characteristics bring more credibility to the market, along with the brand’s reliability and its broad customer base. At the other end, Turis Silva is responsible for the final phase: operating the vehicle.

“It’s a unique moment for Scania, Gerdau, Turis Silva and Marcopolo,” says Fábio D’Angelo, Scania’s Bus Sales manager. “All will go down in history with the presentation of this more sustainable solution. The planet and society are clamoring for diesel alternatives and this technology is ideal for the reality of the Brazilian market. We are sure it is the first of many”.
For Paulo Tramontin, Marcopolo’s Internal Market Negotiator, this project reinforces the “Marcopolo of the Future” slogan. According to him, the company is always thinking ahead and is willing to explore new types of fuel. “We need alternatives and, with our leading role and availability in mind, we accepted the challenge of developing this product”.

Discover Marcopolo Paradiso 1050
The Paradiso 1050 has the capacity to transport 44 passengers, in half-sleeper seats and a range of around 300 kilometers. For Leandro Sodré, Marcopolo National Sales Manager, this CNG-powered bus stands out for its high standard of comfort: “It has an audio and video system, as well as convenience and safety for users. The vehicle also results in lower operating costs and simpler maintenance for the operator”.

This is just the first road version dedicated to the charter segment — which was accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Fábio D’Angelo, the perspectives are not only for operators, but also for contracting customers. “As with trucks, the users demand sustainable solutions in their supply chain. Transport providers are being pushed to buy CNG trucks and there is already this movement towards charter transport”.

The CNG-powered bus offers a complete solution for the customer. The vehicle is powered by gas and biomethane and is the perfect combination of modern, technological and safe bodywork with an economical, resistant and high availability chassis. In addition, it offers a more sustainable alternative to the customer, showing every concern for a planet less impacted by gas emissions.

Jaime Silva, owner of Turis Silva, is very enthusiastic about the project. “This partnership has all the ingredients to work out well. The Euro 6 bus meets the needs of the environment and promotes cost reduction.”

Diesel or CNG?
Companies with a large number of collaborators, who are well-known and committed to the environment, have been looking for alternatives to diesel. Despite being an efficient fuel, it causes a number of environmental problems. Burning diesel releases polluting gases into the atmosphere, contributing to the global warming process.

This was one of the factors that drove the development of the CNG-powered bus. The vehicle’s motor meets the Euro 6 emission standards, a technology that pollutes less and will be mandatory in Brazil starting in 2023.
“The environmental appeal is excellent. Today, the larger the company, the greater the demands on the environment. Marcopolo takes this very seriously”, Paulo Tramontin says. “In addition, the use of CNG results in less noise and lower operating costs”.

The Paradiso 1050 was born ready for gas. Its rear thruster is a Euro 6 with 320 horsepower. It has the Otto Cycle motor, the same concept as cars and has consistent performance. It also has diesel-like power as well as being quieter. “Right now, it’s ideal for ‘Here and Now’, as it fits into the three sustainable pillars: economic, social and environmental”, Fábio D’Angelo comments.

All these features are accompanied with maximum safety. Passengers can rest assured that the CNG-powered bus is completely safe. In case of fire or collision, the gas is released into the atmosphere and dissolves without danger of further damage.

BioSafe solutions are also featured
The Paradiso 1050 also draws attention for having different solutions from the Marcopolo BioSafe platform. Among them, the ultraviolet light used to disinfect the toilets on the bus. Its radiation eliminates viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms because it penetrates the cells of these pathogens and their genetic structure.

Another solution available are curtains with antimicrobial material, developed to prevent contagion and prevent the proliferation of microorganisms. This product is innovative as it uses a “smart” material, which is thinner and lighter than conventional fabric.

In addition, there is the hand sanitizer dispenser at the entrance of the access stairs. As it is automatic, it allows hands to be safely, quickly and easily sanitized before and after each trip.

After all, the CNG-powered bus is not just more sustainable. With the implementation of BioSafe solutions, it also offers greater comfort and safety to passengers.




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