29 Mar 2021

Companies win bid to supply 30 city buses

Marcopolo and Volvo shipped 30 Torino Volvo B270F Euro 5 city buses to the City Hall of Santa Catarina Pinula, city in Guatemala. This is the first sale of the two companies to this Guatemalan municipality, the result of winning a bid to renew the urban fleet. The sale was carried out in partnership with Volvo by Centrobus, Marcopolo’s representative in Central America.

“This new supply is very important, as it represents Marcopolo’s first sale to this city in Guatemala and reinforces our presence in Central America. Exports were hampered by the pandemic last year and continue at a pace below historical volumes, but we believe that, gradually, we will resume sales to the Americas in general and Africa”, André Vidal Armaganijan commented, director of Strategy and International Business at Marcopolo.

The Marcopolo Torino Volvo B270F buses have different items on the Marcopolo BioSafe platform, such as hand grips with antimicrobial material, hand sanitizer dispensers at the front door and are equipment for total accessibility, such as manual access ramps on both passenger access doors and a designated space for a wheelchair user. For added security, they also have four cameras for internal and external monitoring.

The vehicles will be used on the city’s public transport lines, have a length of 11.5 meters, capacity for 62 passengers, 33 of which are seated in City upholstered seats and 29 are standing, in addition to the driver, as well as a ventilation system with two citivent air circulators. For comfort and convenience, the units have driver protection kit, set up for an audio, as well as two external destination signs and one internal.

The urban segment generated a total net revenue of R$ 1.4 billion for Marcopolo in 2020, R$ 978.9 million of which came from the foreign market.

In Brazil, Marcopolo’s share of the urban market grew 14.8 percentage points compared to 2019. The company maintained its leadership, with a 52.7% share of the national market last year.

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