25 Mar 2021

A little more than three months after being the first company to announce the purchase of the Ideale 800 model, assembled on a Mercedes-Benz OF-1621 Euro V chassis, Rimatur Transportes, from Paraná, has added 30 new units of the model specially developed for continuous charter transportation of employees to companies and industries. As a result of the partnership between Marcopolo and Mercedes-Benz, it has a wheelbase of 5,950mm, a length of 12m and a capacity for 48 passengers.
According to Alexandre Cervelin, business manager of the Marcopolo Paraná branch, the models have a specific customized setup for this customer´s operations. “Rimatur is a traditional and important customer that favors innovations and technology. The development, in partnership with Mercedes-Benz, reinforces the leadership of the two brands and demonstrates the focus on the increasing satisfaction of our partners, with unique products that ensure greater profitability for their uses”, he comments.
With a focus on passengers’ biosafety, the models have high internal air renewal rates and offer Marcopolo BioSafe items, with antimicrobial materials and a hand sanitizer dispenser next to the service door. Of the 30 units, a portion of them are equipped with a Valeo CC336 air conditioning system that has a UV-C disinfection system.
The vehicles have Executive model seats produced with antimicrobial material and USB ports. Marcopolo’s charter vehicles value maximum passenger comfort and a comfortable commute between home and workplace contributes to the satisfaction and well-being of the contractor’s workforce.
About the sector
While the road segment has registered a drop in sales volume due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, the charter sector is still booming in 2021. Marcopolo, leader in the bus body sector, with a 52.7% market share, is already showing growth in vehicle sales destined for this purpose. By April, the company will have delivered over 200 units to transport workers in urban areas and in the mining and agribusiness sectors in several states.
Considered the largest charter company in Southern Brazil, Rimatur has headquarters in Curitiba and two garages strategically distributed in the cities of São José dos Pinhais and Fazenda Rio Grande, in the Metropolitan Region of Curitiba, the company has a fleet of around 500 vehicles, composed of buses, mini buses and vans, with an average age of 3.5 years.




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