10 Mar 2020
Focusing on passenger comfort and convenience, Marcopolo develops unprecedented toilet

To offer more and more comfort, convenience, practicality and functionality for passengers and the operator, Marcopolo has developed a new toilet, the Eco Flush, which innovates and guarantees higher sealing standards, with the elimination of odors, efficiency and greater water savings.

Foto: Acervo Marcopolo

According to Jean Carlo Giacomel Casado, Marcopolo’s Product Engineering Coordinator, the new system is a result of five years of studies and development and uses aeronautical segment concepts. “It took more than 1.75 million test cycles to get to the final product”, he highlights.

Eco Flush has an unprecedented concept that eliminates odors in the restroom. Its tracheal valve seals the system to generate the vacuum for the discharge. The vacuum generator reservoir acts as a barrier for gases not to return to the inside of the toilet. And the guillotine valve – automatically activated after three discharges – sends waste to the debris tank more frequently, ensuring the containment of gases and solid and liquid waste.

In the traditional system, the debris tank does not fully retain the gases, which return to the inside of the toilet. In the Eco Flush, the vacuum generator reservoir prevents this return from happening.

Savings of up to 53% on water consumption


Economia de até 53% no consumo de água

Another great advantage of Eco Flush is the water savings it provides, up to 53% less than in the conventional system. Its optimized flushing system uses only 400 ml per use, when compared to 850 ml of the flow of the traditional toilet. As a result, monthly consumption is reduced from about 660 liters to just over 300 liters, guaranteeing the operator greater autonomy in the water supply of their vehicles, less stops needed to clean and dispose of the debris, generating fuel savings and gains in travel time.




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