08 Oct 2020

Reinforcing its strategy of introducing more and more innovations to the market that increase safety and make bus travel even safer and more comfortable, Marcopolo closed the sale of a Paradiso New G7 1200 bus with different BioSafe solutions and the revolutionary safety and driver assistance system MOVON MDAS-9. The vehicle, delivered in September to the transport operator Sol Bus, in Argentina, will be used on the company’s national and tourism lines.
“The Paradiso New G7 1200 supplied to Sol Bus is the first unit purchased by the customer that has Marcopolo BioSafe solutions, which include an air conditioning and restroom system with UV-C ultraviolet light for disinfection, seat covers with antimicrobial fabric and hand sanitizer dispensers at the entrance”, comments José Luiz Moraes Goes, Executive Manager for International Businesses in the International Region. According to the executive, the MOVON MDAS-9 system is being offered as an option for the brand’s road models.
The vehicle has a Scania K440 6×2 chassis, with a third steering axle, is 15,000mm long and has the capacity to transport 54 passengers in Semileito 1060 [half-sleeper] model seats. Internally, the bus is equipped with a half partition wall, audio and video system with DVD set-up and five monitors, curtains, electronic destination sign, large luggage compartment and overhead luggage rack.
MOVON driver assistance system
MOVON MDAS-9 is an innovative passive vehicle safety system, developed to assist the driver and avoid possible accidents, usually caused by human distraction. Using advanced image processing technology, the system scans the route ahead and alerts the driver, through visual and audible alerts, about the identified hazards.
It is already a consensus among the world traffic safety agencies that this preventative warning system for drivers reduces the cost of maintaining fleet vehicles, generates fuel savings, and above all saves lives.
The system has a smart camera installed on the windshield that recognizes vehicles and other objects in front. The system calculates the distance, collision time (TpC) and relative speed of the object ahead, alerting the driver when the vehicle is approaching another very quickly or when there is potential for collision. The system also detects and alerts when it identifies pedestrians, motorcycles, bicycles and even scooters ahead. Another important function is the alert for leaving the lane without due attention from the driver, that is, the driver did not turn the blinker on before changing lanes.
The equipment also has an integrated full HD DVR to continuously record the entire route.
Sol Bus S.R.L is headquartered in Buenos Aires, with operations in interprovincial lines and tourism, and was founded in 1936, in the city of Junín, by Francisco Dorunbosqui under the name Sol de Mayo. Today it offers unique services, with a modern fleet and vehicles with different services, such as sleeper seats and semi-sleeper seats, for strategic points in the Greater Buenos Aires area area, the city of La Plata and part of the Atlantic coast.




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