19 Jun 2020
Marcopolo BioSafe solutions in Angolan public transport

Asperbras, with the health of public transport users in Angola in mind, purchased 130 Torino model units equipped with protective barriers for drivers and fare collectors to integrate the system. The kit is one of the initiatives from Marcopolo BioSafe, a concept that brings solutions and products together that promote the biosafety of passengers, allowing mobility to be safely resumed. The flexible and modular solution with quick installation can be installed in different bodies, reducing the possibility of becoming infected with Covid-19 because it significantly reduces the exposure of professionals possibly being exposed to droplets expelled while talking, coughing or sneezing. The vehicles are 10.5 meters long and are equipped with 29 City model seats and air conditioning. This is yet another joint action that further strengthens the partnership between Marcopolo and Asperbras, a Volkswagen dealership in Angola, in this important project that has already taken over 500 new units for public transport to the African country.




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