27 Jul 2020

Marcopolo, in partnership with Volvo, will supply 20 new city buses for the urban transport system Transmetro, in the city of Guatemala, capital of the country Guatemala in Central America. The vehicles, of the Viale Articulado BRT model, have Volvo B340 M Euro 5 chassis, are 20,000 mm in length and have a capacity for 180 passengers.

The new Viale Articulated BRT from Transmetro has high floor for access to the boarding platforms, with three doors on the left side and four doors on the right side, and City Upholstered seats, with 12 priority seats and a wheelchair space. For full accessibility, they are equipped with two wheelchair access ramps.

Among the equipment for security and entertainment, Viale Articulado BRT vehicles have an audio system with radio and DVD, recording and monitoring cameras, two LCD monitors and wireless internet access. All buses have two front destination displays, one rear and two internal destination displays, partition wall, city vents and air renewal and extractor for better thermal comfort for passengers.

Marcopolo has expressive participation in the urban transport system in the city of Guatemala, with 180 units. Since 2012, all vehicles in operation have been supplied by the Brazilian manufacturer.

Transmetro, Guatemala’s urban public transport system, was created in February 2007 and has seven lines, two BRT lines and five mixed transport lines. It has a fleet of around 350 vehicles and transports 415 thousand passengers per day.

The system is similar to other systems in Latin America, such as the TransMilenio in Bogotá, the Metropolitano in Lima, the MIO in Cali, Ecovía and Metrobús in Quito, Metrovía de Guayaquil and Red Movilidad, in Santiago, Chile.

First virtual technical delivery
The supply of the new Viale BRT buses for Transmetro also represented Marcopolo’s first virtual technical delivery made. Held in Marcopolo´s newly opened Customer Space, it brought together authorities from the city of Guatemala, the country´s capital, and representatives from Marcopolo and Volvo by videoconference, and ensured that customers could monitor and carry out the inspection of all the items requested in the bidding

“This is another initiative that reinforces our values of Customer Satisfaction and Making It Happen with Excellence. As leaders in Latin America, we want our customer’s journey to be positive and outstanding from closing the order to delivering the product, maintaining close contact, even if not physical, and ensuring total customer satisfaction”, says José Luiz Moraes Goes, Executive Manager of International Businesses International Region.

Located at the Ana Rech unit, the Customer Space has a structure with an area of 600 m² and has meeting rooms set up to hold videoconferences, with equipment and technology for the configuration process and inspection of the models.


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