15 Dec 2020
Meet Attivi Express

Now you can get the details on Marcopolo´s new model with a 100% electric chassis. Attivi Express was developed in partnership with BYD and will be part of the Linha Verde project, an initiative to accelerate urban development in the city of São José dos Campos, in São Paulo.

Check out some of the features of Marcopolo´s 100% electric and sustainable model:

– First 100% electric articulated chassis made in Brazil
– 250km autonomy with lithium iron phosphate batteries (LifePO4)
– Average recharge time of 3 hours (0 to 100%)
– 4 electric motors connected directly to the axles, with a maximum power of 804HP
– Full air suspension with bilateral kneeling
– Flameproof system
– UV-C system with disinfection of the air conditioning
– Finishes and upholstery with antimicrobial additives on high-touch surfaces
– Modern, bold and attractive design with full LED headlights
– Length of 22m; 2.6m width and 3.7m height
– Capacity: 60 seated passengers + 108 standing passengers + fully accessible space for wheelchair users
– Upholstered seats with headrest and USB ports.
– Pantograph doors with anti-crushing system

– 6 high definition cameras, two of them are infrared to replace the external and internal mirrors
– 2 15.6” monitors installed on the ceiling, with radio and speakers for entertainment and geolocation, with Wi-Fi available on board
– Air conditioning with complete air renewal every 3 minutes (aeronautical concept)


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