22 Apr 2020

After 20 days of a company-wide vacation, Marcopolo partially resumes activities at the Caxias do Sul and Rio de Janeiro units on April 13, adopting measures to prevent and combat the New Coronavirus and recommendations from health and government agencies. The date for the São Mateus unit, in Espírito Santo, to return to activities is still under evaluation.

The company has a medical team on duty at the units with a complete screening, consultation and referral protocol for any suspected cases that may be identified in its staff, also remotely consulting collaborators who are at home and their families.

In Caxias do Sul, following the guidelines of municipal decree 20.855, 25% of the collaborators working in the day shift and 25% in the night shift return to work, most of which are in production areas. The Ana Rech and San Marino units, which have the largest concentration of collaborators, will have a Screening Post to facilitate consultations and guidance for collaborators. The transport buses for collaborators at these units, as well as at the Planalto unit, will operate at half its occupancy – to maintain the minimum safe distance between passengers – they will be cleaned between trips and collaborators will wear masks made from fabric during the journey. At the Rio de Janeiro unit, located in Xerém, around 50% of the collaborators are expected to return.

The sanitization system for common areas at all plants was reinforced, such as changing rooms, restaurants, bathrooms, access to elevators, handrails and turnstiles. Upon arrival, collaborators will have their temperature taken with infrared meters and, if necessary, they will be sent to the First-aid Post for guidance. At workstations, attention will be paid to maintaining the minimum distance, in addition to the use of PPE according to role and masks made from fabric provided by the company. Preventative actions were also taken, such as the demarcation of places to maintain the recommended distance between people and several other internal processes were carried out to ensure the health and safety of collaborators.




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