19 May 2022
Marcopolo resumes exports to the Middle East

Exports of buses to markets and countries abroad have been gradually resuming for Marcopolo, the result of work that began before the pandemic of close relationships with customers and that is allowing sales to resume more rapidly. One of the markets that is again requesting new units are the Middle Eastern countries, such as Qatar, with which the Brazilian manufacturer signed a deal to supply five Viaggio 900 buses.

The vehicles, produced in Brazil, are scheduled for delivery in June and will be used to transport employees of an energy and petrochemical segment company.

“Even during the pandemic, we have maintained close contact with customers and have noticed the greatest demand is for fleet renewal. The Middle East is one of the markets that are resuming and we have been working to meet their requests and needs. Our expectation is that sales will pick up more strongly throughout this year,” says Ângelo Oselame, Marcopolo’s manager for the Middle East and Africa region.

The five Marcopolo Viaggio 900 buses are 12,500mm long and have the capacity to carry 43 passengers seated in semi-sleeper seats, all with USB sockets and cup holders. The vehicles have Valeo CC 470 air-conditioning and audio and video systems complete with DVD, Wi-Fi and three fold-out monitors in the passenger area, full separation wall with sliding door, electronic destination sign, curtains, luggage compartment and overhead luggage rack.

About Marcopolo

Founded 72 years ago in Caxias do Sul (RS), Marcopolo is the leading bus body manufacturer in Brazil and ranks among the largest manufacturers in the world. The company continuously invests in improvement, technology, design, and expansion, producing solutions that contribute to the development of collective passenger transportation. With factories on five continents, the vehicles produced by the company drive on the roads of over one hundred countries.




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