01 Jul 2020

Marcopolo will present Argentinian customers with the first road bus sent to the country with different Marcopolo BioSafe solutions, a platform that presents services and solutions developed to make collective transport safer against virus contamination, including that of Covid-19, and bacteria.
With 14 meters in length, the Paradiso New G7 1800 DD is equipped with UV-C light for disinfecting the restroom, antimicrobial curtains and hand sanitizer dispensers on the access doors. The vehicle has the capacity to carry 60 passengers, with 48 half-sleeper seats on the upper floor and 12 sleeper seats on the lower floor, all with USB ports, individual lighting controls and air conditioning nozzles.
“Our objective is to present the vehicle to the sanitary and health agencies, in addition to entities responsible for road passenger transport”, André Armaganijan explains, Director of Strategy and International Business at Marcopolo. For this, the Brazilian manufacturer will count on the partnership of Grupo Fênix, the brand’s commercial representative in the country and one of the main business groups in the transport sector. “The partnership is in line with Marcopolo’s strategy to offer customers biosafety solutions, excellent services and contribute to adopting best practices to regain the confidence of passengers”, the executive comments.
Grupo Fênix S.A. was created in 2003 and has its own structure in Buenos Aires to provide support for commercial, administrative, financial, foreign trade, technical assistance, spare parts and the development of local suppliers. The service structure has 3,000 m² of covered after-sales workshop, 1,500 m² of semi-covered area for services, 1,000 m² dedicated to spare parts and 400 m² of commercial and administrative offices.




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