09 Dec 2020

Paraguay is the fourth country in Latin America to have Marcopolo buses with Biosafe solutions. CANINDEYÚ SRL, a transport operator based in Asunción and operating across the country, has just acquired three new Marcopolo Paradiso New G7 1800 Double Decker road vehicles with UV-C system for disinfecting air conditioning and bathrooms, as well as dispensers for gel alcohol on access to the lower floor and up the stairs.

Marcopolo BioSafe biosafety solutions are being increasingly requested by customers to ensure the highest standards of safety and well-being for passengers and road transport users. In total, 1,951 rely on the platform’s solutions, 847 of which are destined for the foreign market.

In addition to the BioSafe items, the models fitted on a Scania K 410B 8X2 chassis, have 68 armchairs of the semi-lit model 1060 with cell phone support and USB sockets. They also have a VALEO CC430 air conditioning system, monitors, total separation wall, curtains, electronic itinerary, preparation for audio and video system with DVD, cup holders and package holders.

CANINDEYÚ SRL is one of the companies belonging to the La Santaniana Group, which is among the largest Marcopolo customers in Paraguay, both in the acquisition of road and urban buses.


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