20 Jul 2020
Marcopolo BioSafe available for collective urban transport

After exporting the first road units with onboard Marcopolo BioSafe solutions and the FIP Onboard service, sales representatives from the foreign market participate in a virtual training course in the first week of August to learn about the solutions that will be available for models destined for urban collective transport. The objective is to train professionals to present customers with technical information and the benefits of the innovations that can contribute to safely resuming mobility.
In June, the team had already participated in training that officially presented all Marcopolo Biosafe solutions, a platform of solutions that brings innovation and technology together to preserve the health and safety of users and to promote the resumption of the passenger transport segment, strongly impacted due to the Covid-19 pandemic. On the occasion, some solutions were highlighted that are already being incorporated into the vehicles exported by Marcopolo, among which we mention: UV-C light to disinfect the restroom, UV-C light in the air conditioner, hand sanitizer dispenser, antimicrobial curtains, among others.




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