16 Jun 2021
Marcopolo announces delivery of new model aimed at chartering

The Viaggio 800 model sets a new standard for the segment and prioritizes
robustness and comfort

Vehicle delivers operational performance focused on strengthening
the charter sector

With the changes brought about by the pandemic in the transport sector, the continuous passenger charter segment has become stronger over the last year. The sector grew 80% compared to the previous period, contributing to the company, leader in Brazilian bus body production, maintaining vehicle production rates in the country.

In the first five months of this year, the company produced 688 vehicles aimed at the sector, representing 62% of the market share. In light of these numbers, in order to maintain its leadership in the segment and add more value and innovation to vehicles, Marcopolo launches the Viaggio 800 bus. The model sets a new quality standard for the market, as it combines robustness, comfort, unique design and reliability, in addition to ensuring the best cost-benefit ratio.

In the last 90 days, the company presented the product individually to each customer, having already sold over 100 units. Of these, the first six units are already being delivered to the customer Piccolotur/SP, one of the most traditional continuous and occasional charter companies in Jundiaí and the region. It also operates in the Campinas region and part of Greater São Paulo, serving companies from various segments.

“Our focus is to offer innovative options, for this we deepen our understanding of market and passenger needs. We want to ensure the production of increasingly modern, safe and comfortable models. The Viaggio 800 arrives with the Premium line model concept, complementing our portfolio, making it even more competitive”, Ricardo Portolan explains, director of commercial MI and marketing operations at Marcopolo.

Created for charter

The new Viaggio 800 will be produced at the plant in Caxias do Sul (RS) and was developed to meet the specific demands and characteristics of the Brazilian continuous charter segment and also those of the foreign market. Among the innovations is the 2600mm width, which provides more comfort and interior space for passengers. Regarding length, in the 48 to 52-seat configurations the total measurements are 12,400mm to 13,500mm, respectively.

“We continued with investments in innovations for our portfolio, focused on following market trends and transformations. The charter segment is in constant expansion, especially when we take stock of the last three years, we registered 4,646 units sold”, Ricardo Portolan points out.

With a modern, bold design and light lines that imprint Marcopolo’s DNA, Viaggio 800 was developed for different front-engine chassis options, in addition to ensuring quick and easy maintenance. The model has a front light set, with three round lights and DRL, LED blinker and fog lights (optional), to ensure greater light efficiency and driver safety.

The inside offers more space and comfort

With the need for social distancing, Marcopolo´s engineers devoted special attention to developing the inside of the Viaggio 800 to offer more comfort, space and accessibility.
The model has a new interior finish in the driver’s cockpit, more modern and high quality, and a new total separation wall, with a door in position that ensures better access to the passenger area. The lighting is 100% LED and, to ensure passenger comfort, two options are offered for Executive model seats, with a new design and headrest with foam specially developed to mold the biometric characteristics of the passengers.

For best use of the internal space, Viaggio received a new, more functional luggage rack. In relation to the toilet, the model gained an ergonomic configuration, with a larger window for natural light, an Ecoflush system and a stainless-steel sink. The vehicle is equipped with a lift for full accessibility.




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