20 Apr 2021

Sector compensates low demand with road models

The pandemic and restrictions on mobility, social distancing and travel continue to strongly hamper the Brazilian bus industry, resulting in the charter segment gaining relevance in the national scene.

Leader in the bus body sector, with a 52.7% market share, Marcopolo is already showing growth in sales of vehicles destined for this purpose. By the end of April, the bus bodybuilder will have delivered over 200 units to transport workers in urban areas and in the mining and agribusiness sectors in several states.

Among them are 10 Ideale 800 units sold to Transporte Thomas through the Paraná branch. “Since the second half of last year, charter operators have increased the number of vehicles in operation to maintain distancing between passengers. And, to meet the customers’ needs, we have developed products geared to their specific uses, with structured engineering for customized projects”, says Alexandre Cervelin, business manager of the Marcopolo Paraná branch.

The ten Ideale 800 units for Thomas Transport have the capacity to carry 48 passengers. All units have Executive seats and are equipped with an air conditioning system.




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