04 Jun 2020

Demonstrating its leadership in the development of mobility solutions, Marcopolo presents Marcopolo BioSafe, a platform of solutions that brings innovation and technology together to preserve the health and safety of users and facilitate resuming the passenger transport segment, which is strongly impacted due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
According to James Bellini, CEO of Marcopolo, the new concept brings solutions and products together that promote passengers´ biosafety and contribute to safely resuming mobility, respecting the guidelines of health and government agencies. “We live in a unique time where innovation and technology are coupled to safely resume mobility. With Marcopolo BioSafe, our objective is to put ourselves as partners of our customers both in Brazil and abroad, giving them the conditions to continue operating and regain the passenger’s confidence in using public transportation”, he explains.
To present the innovations and technologies focused on biosafety that Marcopolo has been developing, the company has assembled a bus with all the new solutions and will hold a roadshow at the main markets served both in Brazil and abroad, to demonstrate the advantages and benefits to customers and users. “We need to act with urgency and proactivity to spread and foster the application of these important solutions that will collaborate in the safe and healthy recovery of the country. Public transportation is fundamental to ensure people’s mobility and cannot be seen as a bottleneck or a limitation”, James emphasizes.
The executive adds that the Marcopolo BioSafe concept covers models from the Marcopolo, Volare and Neobus brands and shows the company’s high capacity to respond to new challenges. “Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have accelerated our innovation process even more. In less than two months, we presented three onboard biosafety solutions to the market as a measure to combat the pandemic. And many more will be made available soon”, he says, referring to FIP Onboard, a system that uses dry fog to disinfect the inside of the bus, the protection kit for drivers and fare collectors and the use of UVC light to disinfect restrooms, all installed in this concept bus.
The executive adds that Marcopolo´s BioSafe solutions will continue to be delivered, even after the pandemic is over. “This new scenario is a milestone and we understand that we will no longer be able to go back to how things were before. We will continue to work non-stop to make our models a reference in biosafety because we understand that the demand, in this sense, will remain and will become increasingly higher”, he concludes.


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