01 Apr 2021

87 units are of the Torino Low Entry model and 15 units of the Audace 800 model
Vehicles are set up to offer accessibility
Models are part of the company’s fleet renewal and will operate in and around Montevideo

Marcopolo and Mercedes-Benz supplied 102 new buses to C.U.T.C.S.A – Companhia Uruguaia de Transportes Coletivo S.A. – the largest company in the segment in Uruguay. 87 units of the Torino Low Entry model enter into operation, with an OH 1721/62 LE Euro 5 chassis and 15 units of the Audace 800 with an OH 1622/52 L Euro 3 chassis, both models have an OM 924 rear engine. The models are part of the company’s fleet renewal and will operate in and around Montevideo. The sale was mediated by Dloner and Autolider, representatives of Marcopolo and Mercedes-Benz, respectively, in Uruguay.

“The new vehicles reinforce our presence in Uruguay and mark the first supply of the Audace 800 model that will be used for intercity trips. They are models that make the company more competitive and raise the standard of comfort and safety offered to passengers even higher”, Juliano Leoratto highlights, Marcopolo’s commercial operations consultant responsible for the Uruguayan market.

The 87 new Torino buses carry 63 passengers, 34 standing and 29 seated in City seats. They have access ramps for people with disabilities and reduced mobility in the central door on the right side, with a designated wheelchair area. They are equipped with an air conditioning system and six USB sockets installed throughout the vehicle. The vehicles are 11,800mm long with a six-speed Allisson automatic transmission and front and rear air suspension.

With a total length of 11,100mm, the 15 Marcopolo Audace 800´s have the capacity to carry 41 passengers seated in Executive model seats, with USB sockets, a lift for full accessibility and multiplex system. Among the comfort and safety equipment there is a set up to install a monitoring system with five cameras and entertainment with media playback; two front electronic destination signs and front fog lights.

C.U.T.C.S.A – Companhia Uruguaia de Transportes Coletivo S.A. – is one of the most traditional urban transport companies in Uruguay, with over 80 years of activity and operates around 100 different intercity and urban lines. The operator has a fleet of around 1,100 vehicles, almost all of which have Marcopolo bodies.


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